MAG-Expert with coil (Ø 30 cm)

MAG-Expert with cylinder, Ø 30 cm for magnetic field therapy of the limbs and head

Product description

MAG-Expert provides magnetic field treatment with a fieldstrength of 1–100 Gauss (adjustable in steps of one Gauss) and a frequency range from 1–100 Hz, with two completely independent channels and treatment timer. Cylinders of 30 and 60 cm diametre as well as high performance applicators are available to maximise the efficiency of treatment.

MFC technology focuses the magnetic fields almost entirely on the inside of the cylinder. This avoids unnecessary exposure of the treatment team.



  • Magnetotherapy from 1-100 Gauss, adjustable in steps of 1 Gauss
  • Therapy frequency from 1-100 Hz
  • Two independent channels
  • MFC technology for focussing magnetic fields
  • Synchronous mode emission Ch1 and Ch2
  • Therapy time 0-60 Min
  • Automatic detection of connected accessories

General features

  • 7“ colour touchscreen monitor visualizing all main parameters of the active channels
  • 12 Favorites menu with speed-dial memory for individual device functions
  • Comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters including all therapy timers
  • Fastest therapy start: directly, through channel selection, from program memory of indications index, individual or favourites menu
  • Treatment index with intelligent filtering functions based on body region, sorted in alphabetical order
  • Extensive memory capacities, using the Individual, history and favourites menu
  • LED for visual indication of active channel
  • Audible signal for indication of end of treatment
  • PHYSIOMED App compatibilty
  • Report generation and error interpretation through QR-Code

The detailed indication menu with practical filter functions


for focussing magnetic fields

Therapy information

With therapeutic magnetic field devices, pulsating magnetic fields can be applied at various frequencies and intensities. Coils and applicators of different sizes can also be used.



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