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Treatment of pubic oedema with DEEP OSCILLATION®: Interview with German Olympic silver medallist Jonathan Hilbert
Paper of the Month #7: Davids JR et al

Isokinetic testing serves as a principal outcome measure for a new surgical intervention. Prof. Dvir’s Commentary: I have chosen this…

Paper of the Month #6: Dvir Z und Müller S

Multiple-joint isokinetic dynamometry receives a fresh look which includes a new classification system, critical examination of its main input parameters…

Paper of the Month #5: Paulus J et al

Certain parameters that have been used for a long time in quantifying induced isokinetic fatigue were put to test and…

Paper of the Month #4: Huber R et al

A large scale Swiss study of post recovery of quadriceps and hamstrings strength following ACL reconstruction, indicates that overall, a…

Paper of the Month #3: Hohmann E und Ebert JR et al

Using isokinetic testing for assessing thigh muscle function following ACL reconstruction or in patients with chronic ACL insufficiency occupies an…

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Paper of the Month #2: Straight CR und Gadelha AB et al

Different derivatives of the peak moment indicate significant association between strength and function in elderly individuals. Prof. Dvir’s Commentary: For…

Paper of the Month #1: Maeo S et al

Eccentric vs. concentric isokinetic training: A new study from Japan may get us closer to solving a long and complicated…

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