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DEEP OSCILLATION® is a patented therapy principle whose effectiveness has been proven by many studies.
The basis of deep oscillation is a pulsating electrostatic field that is built up between the hands of the therapist or the hand applicator and the tissue of the animal to be treated. In the rhythm of the
selected frequency (5-200 Hz), the patient’s tissue is electrostatically attracted and released again in rapid alternation. This results in a unique, very deeply effective and lasting resonance oscillation (precisely this deep oscillation) of the treated tissue segment. The metabolism is stimulated and intensified!
During deep oscillation, the tissue is mechanically pumped through in its entire depth without any local heating. The effect is mainly on the microcirculation in the area of the interstitial connective tissue. After the treatment, the flow equilibrium, i.e. the permanent flow of fluid between the tissue surrounding the cells and the lymph and blood channels, returns to normal. This effect is undiminished even with minimal pressure from the outside, which makes it possible to use it e.g. for fresh traumas, acute pain or e.g. in the area of open wounds.
Deep oscillation can be used to complement and intensify manual forms of treatment (e.g. manual lymph drainage). Since the form of treatment can be applied so early after an operation, regeneration processes can be effectively influenced and decisively shortened. Due to its unique mechanism of action, deep oscillation can not infrequently revive even chronic, stagnant healing processes.
DEEP OSCILLATION® opens up unique application possibilities due to its gentle mode of action and is therefore used with great success in various medical and therapeutic areas.



For therapy, contact is made with the animal at two points. Either through an applied hand with vinyl glove, through a second hand applicator or through therapy with two vinyl gloves.

Under the therapist’s gloves or the hand applicator, which is moved in circles over the tissue, the pleasant therapy effect of deep oscillation is created.

The advantages of DEEP OSCILLATION®

  • Outpatient treatment and very high success rate
  • Rapid treatment success without surgery, injections or medication
  • No known side effects
  • Proven for 30 years and used worldwide
  • Regaining quality of life through freedom from pain and movement
  • Extremely gentle and well-tolerated, can therefore be used at an extremely early stage
  • Early decisive influence on the healing process

Areas of application in veterinary medicine

  • Therapy option for pain syndromes
  • Treatment for trauma and neurological problems
  • Surgery preparation and post-operative treatment
  • Immediately applicable on the first day after surgery
  • Effective prophylaxis of local oedema
  • Pain reduction and improved sensitivity
  • Good quality wound healing (scar)
  • Treatment in the wound area over foil or in the immediate vicinity of the wound edges, also burn wounds
  • Visible improvement of trophicity (tissue supply)
  • Promotion of dynamic wound healing
  • Post-training care
  • Treatment for overuse injuries and damage
  • Quick and lasting relaxation of the respiratory muscles
  • Promotion and maintenance of sensory abilities
  • Pain reduction
  • Improvement of the initiation
  • Preventing milk stasis after birth or during pregnancy
  • Mastitis in cows


Only work on dry fur.
Do not use on wet fur or in the rain!

Treatment with DEEP OSCILLATION® must be avoided in the case of:

  • acute inflammations and infectious diseases
  • infectious skin diseases
  • active tuberculosis
  • vascular diseases
  • acute risk of thrombosis (therapist)
  • untreated malignant diseases
  • heart disease
  • gestation / pregnancy
  • sensitivity to electric fields

These contraindications apply to therapy with special gloves for both the animal and the therapist!

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The physiological effectiveness of deep oscillation is sufficiently documented by numerous experimental and clinical studies. All studies, books, guidelines and other publications on deep oscillation can be found here.

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What is MAGCELL®?

Highly dosed magnetic pulse fields of over 1000 gauss are generated with an innovative, patent-pending process. These serve as a transmission medium for effective electric fields and exceed current strengths of 10 mA/cm² in conductive tissue. In contrast to many other magnetic field therapies, electrodeless electrotherapy is thus above the internationally recognised threshold for biological effectiveness.
The therapy can help with painful arthritic conditions, furthermore, inflammatory pain can be immediately relieved, cell metabolism improved and the willingness to move increased. Restricted mobility, relieved posture and altered walking behaviour improve rapidly. MAGCELL® is used in regeneration after diseases of the musculoskeletal system (bone fractures, trauma, contusions, sprains, spinal injuries, tendopathies, ligament strains, disorders of muscular metabolism, pain)
and after operations. In addition, an immediately recognisable peripheral blood flow increase of up to 30 % is brought about and secondary complications caused by reduced arterial blood flow are prevented.



The therapy is started by pressing the start button and runs automatically, the end of treatment is indicated by an acoustic signal. Optionally, the device can be fixed over the body region to be treated with a specially made bag.

The advantages of MAGCELL®

  • small, handy therapy device
  • short treatment time
  • strong pulsating magnetic field of up to 1000 Gauss
  • No known side effects
  • Regaining quality of life through freedom from pain and movement
  • Extremely gentle and well tolerated
  • Effect up to 5cm deep in the tissue

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In the video, Dr Jens Reinhold gives an introduction to MAGCELL® and its mechanism of action.

Areas of application in veterinary medicine

Treatment with the MAGCELL® ARTHRO magnetic field therapy device relieves inflammatory pain in osteoarthritis and increases the willingness to move.

The high and therapeutically effective current densities penetrate the tissue layers at a depth of 3-5 cm, extend into joint structures and have a direct effect on defective cell functions, so that the cell in turn normalises its function (regenerates).

  • Treatment in the wound area over foil or in the immediate vicinity of the wound edges, also burn wounds
  • Visible improvement of trophicity (tissue supply)
  • Promotion of dynamic wound healing

MAGCELL® significantly increases microcirculation (p < 0.001). Nitric oxide (NO) has a vasodilatory effect.

An Italian-American research group has shown that after a three-week treatment with MAGCELL®, the prostate volume in dogs is significantly reduced by up to 57 % without side effects.


What is LASS®?

Laser therapy has been used in a wide variety of therapeutic areas since the 1960s. In contrast to the surgically used hard lasers (from 30 W), the athermal therapeutic low level laser (up to about 500 mW) is applied. Today, mainly infrared diode lasers are used for its application in physical therapy. Compared to other types of lasers, these are characterised by their good penetration depth, excellent biostimulative effect and easy handling. The classification of laser therapy as light therapy is based on its manifold, complex photobiological effects. Its effects can be summarised as follows:

  • Improved energy balance of the cells
  • Antiphlogistic effect
  • Anti-oedematous effect
  • Microcirculatory effect
  • Tissue reparative effect
  • Analgesic effect

According to the indication, two forms of application of the laser can be chosen. For the treatment of tender points, trigger points, paraspinal points, etc. where application to a small area (less than 1cm²) is required, the pinpoint laser pen is used. The laser pen is also the method of choice for gentle application in laser puncture, which, like needle acupuncture, makes use of the interaction between the skin and the internal organs. For application on larger areas, such as trauma, joint diseases or dermatological indications, the use of the laser shower is recommended, which can also be moved over the treatment area if necessary.


Laser therapy ideal for fur animals

Highest laser density on a treatment area of 55 cm². The therapy time can thus be significantly reduced, the laser light can penetrate deep into the tissue to be treated!

Effective treatment due to interchangeable adapters. Comb adapter for animals with long and thick fur.

The benefits of LASS-Expert

  • maximum quick start in therapy
  • with transport case for mobile use
  • 808nm wavelength – best values for penetration depth and biostimulation
  • high laser density on 55cm² treatment area
  • Interchangeable adapter with integrated protective glass for hygienic and quick work
  • can be converted to a laser comb or point adapter with a click (optional accessory)
  • Laser shower with 21 powerful laser diodes for area treatments


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