Environmentally friendly cryotherapy in a compact design

Product description

FRIGOSTREAM-Expert stands for established cold therapy applied directly and locally to the patient’s muscle tissue to be treated. The healing, pain-relieving effect of cold therapy is primarily due to the thermal, neurophysiological stimuli on the musculature as well as on the nervous and vascular system.

In feedback mode, the skin surface temperature to be reached can be selected between 12 °C and 26 °C. FRIGOSTREAM-Expert extracts air from the environment and cools it down to -35 °C and reaches up to 1500 l/min. The cooled air flow is directly applied to the particular body part via a flexible hose and a nozzle, without the need for skin contact.



  • air temperature from -35 °C to +11 °C in 1 °C steps
  • air flow of up to 1500 l/min. adjustable in 10 steps
  • treatment time from 30 s up to 30 min.
  • desired skin temperature 12°C to 26°C in 1°C steps
  • ready for operation within a few minutes
  • environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • real time temperature feedback

General features

  • specially designed arm for contactless application without therapist
  • intuitive user interface
  • 12.1″ color touch screen display
  • hidden water tank with level measurement
  • large wheels for mobility and stability
  • USB ports for technical support, software updates and backup
  • 360 degree swiveling handpiece without external cable
  • handsfree operation through biofeedback sensor

in three sizes (5mm, 10mm, 15mm) for effective treatment

Therapy arm for easy and quick placement of the treatment tube by means of clip-on system (optional)

Therapy information

Cryotherapy is based on surface cooling and thus a local reduction in tissue temperature. In cold air therapy, a continuously cooled air stream with a constant temperature range is used for this purpose. As a result, there are a number of thermoregulatory effects which differ from those of other forms of cold application (e.g. ice or cold compresses) and which are desirable for various indications. These include, in particular, acute and chronic pain conditions (especially in sports physiotherapy) and rheumatic conditions. Cold air therapy is also used to cool the skin surface during laser treatments.

In detail, there are the following specific physiological effects of cryotherapy with cold air flow:


  • Reduction of sensory nerve sensitivity
  • Reduction of nerve conduction velocity
  • Immediate vasoconstrictor effect

Selected use cases

Cold air therapy has an enormously wide range of applications. Among other things, it is ideal for the treatment of:

  • Bursopathy
  • Soft-tissue injury
  • Pain, musculoskeletal
  • Tendopathy



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