With broad spectrum of indications in the area of orthopaedics/rehabilitation, with low application costs

Product description

The high-energy PHYSIOIMPACT-Expert enables a targeted, gentle and effective extracorporeal  shockwave therapy. In addition to access via indication- and trigger-point index or the patient database, all parameters can also be individually selected.

The intelligent coupling of shockwave intensity and treatment frequency in the alternating or stepped treatment is outstanding. A constantly controlled change of intensity and frequency takes place during a treatment cycle, making treatment possible that is gentle on the cells. The self-healing powers of the body can be stimulated immediately during the treatment, which could be shown by the toleration of higher energies.

The ergonomic handpiece with overlaid material properties can be deployed with four different-sized applicator attachments, which are specially tuned to the different indications.


Shockwave therapy

  • Treatment with mechanical pressure pulses
  • Operating modes: continual, dynamic
  • Pressure modulation and frequency modulation

General features

  • Treatment with mechanical pressure pulses
  • Operating modes: continual, dynamic
  • Pressure modulation and frequency modulation

Max. energy density: 0.72 mJ/mm2
Frequency: 1–22 Hz
Guaranteed impulses: 2.000.000
Max. pressure: 6.9 bar / 5 bar working pressure
Min. pressure: 0.4 bar – adjustable in increments of 0.2 bar
Pressure modulation and frequency modulation

Frequency: 1–22 Hz

Operating modes: continual, dynamic

Patient database with up to 1,000,000 expandable entries

Treatment protocols with 55 physiotherapeutic applications

4 different applicators

Applicator XXLP, 36 mm
– for cellulite, lax skin, stretch marks
– for lymphdrainage with high frequency and low pressure level

Applicator LM, 20 mm
– for deep skin injuries, cellulite, for training of large muscle groups

Applicator MM, 14 mm
– for pain therapy, triggerpoint therapy, large calcific deposits, for training of medium sized muscles

Applicator SM, 12 mm
– for calcific deposits, pain therapy, triggerpoint therapy, for training of medium sized muscles

Therapy information

Shockwaves influence large areas of the disease-affected body areas and speed up the self-healing process in a targeted manner. The metabolism is improved and blood circulation is stimulated locally to allow inflamed or damaged tissue to regenerate faster. Furthermore painful calcific deposits in joints can be dissolved with shockwave therapy, so that in time they are absorbed, transported and released from the body over the bloodstream. Another application area is the treatment of trigger points. Triggers are painful knots around muscles and sinews. They often cause pain that need not necessarily occur near the trigger point, but in completely different areas of the body (remote trigger points).

Selected use cases

Shockwave therapy is beneficial within a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Epicondylopathy
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Patellar tendinopathy


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