Environmentally friendly cryotherapy in a compact design

Product description

The compact FRIGOSTREAM cryotherapy unit offers optimised performance in a minimum of space and is available in five different versions. It generates cold air with an adjustable current of air of up to 1500 l/min and thus enables targeted cooling of body areas with the recognised advantages over CO² and ice packs. If used correctly the risk of cold damage is excluded.

FRIGOSTREAM operates with an energy source that costs nothing – air – and is therefore always ready for use and has no resource replenishing problems. Like an air conditioning system, the ambient air is cooled down and blown onto the skin through a treatment tube without direct contact at temperatures of up to –60 °C (see technical data in catalogue at downloads below). Various tubes and nozzles permit easy targeted treatment.

The de-icing function, which requires no water emptying on the user‘s part (with the exception of C200/C600), is particularly user-friendly. The FRIGOSTREAM line refrigerant loop is a closed system and requires no maintenance whatsoever.



  • Cold air from -32 °C to -60 °C
  • Adjustable stream of air up to 1500 l/min.
  • Very short cooling down phase
  • De-icing function
  • Maintenance-free refrigerant loop
  • Standard slotted nozzle
  • Nozzle attachments in three sizes for effective treatment
  • Flexible, double-wall tube (1.70 m long)

General features

  • Intuitive operation
  • Touch screen

in three sizes for effective treatment

Therapy arm for fast and easy placement of the tube over a clip-on system (option)

FRIGOSTREAM is also available with a special smaller diameter tube to maintain cooling at a constant level over an extended period for thermal laser treatments.

Therapy information

Cryotherapy is based on surface cooling and uses low temperatures to reduce tissue temperature. Cryotherapy incorporates the use of a continuously cooled stream of air with a constant temperature range, which results in a range of thermoregulatory effects that are desirable for various indications, including acute and chronic pain as well as rheumatism.

Here are some of the physiological effects of cryotherapy:

  • Influence on sensory nerves
  • Reduction in nerve conduction
  • Immediate vasoconstrictive effect

Selected use cases

Cryotherapy is beneficial within a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Bursopathy
  • Soft-tissue injury
  • Pain, musculoskeletal
  • Tendopathy



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