DEEP OSCILLATION® in cosmetics

Cosmetic treatments with immediate effect and without pain

Cellulite, wrinkles or irritations after cosmetic treatments?
Skin conditions such as cellulite, wrinkles or even acne scars usually lead to insecurity and dissatisfaction among those affected. Here, DEEP OSCILLATION® can help to restore smooth, flawless skin and thus bring back the joy of life. The treatment method, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years and is extremely effective, enables rapid improvements without pain. Treatment success is usually visible after just a few sessions, and not infrequently after two or three.
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DEEP OSCILLATION® (also known as HIVAMAT®) is a unique, internationally patented, non-invasive and non-traumatic therapy method and has nothing in common with other known forms of therapy such as ultrasound or shock waves. By using attraction and friction, electrostatic impulses set the treated tissue into pleasant vibrations with a deep biological effect, without the use of external mechanical forces. In contrast to other forms of therapy, these vibrations have an extremely gentle effect on all tissue components (skin, conductive tissue, subcutaneous fatty tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels) right down to the depth.



For therapy, the patient holds a titanium contact element loosely between the fingers. Under the therapist’s special gloves or a hand applicator with a special structure (second contact), which is moved in a circular motion over the tissue, the pleasant therapy effect of deep oscillation is created.

The advantages of deep oscillation

  • Outpatient treatment and very high success rate
  • Rapid treatment success without surgery, injections or medication
  • No known side effects
  • Proven for 30 years and used worldwide
  • Regaining quality of life through freedom from pain and movement
  • Extremely gentle and well tolerated, can therefore be used at an extremely early stage
  • Very high patient acceptance
  • Early decisive influence on the healing process

Areas of application in cosmetics

Deep-acting vibrations train the facial muscles through stimulation and relaxation, keeping them firm. Stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration give the skin a youthful appearance. The anti-oedematous and anti-fibrotic effect ensure even and wrinkle-free facial skin.


DEEP OSCILLATION® allows swelling, redness and oedema to heal significantly faster. Due to its early application after surgery, the healing process is accelerated, scar healing is promoted, local inflammation is reduced and pain is alleviated in the long term.


DEEP OSCILLATION® counteracts all pathological processes of cellulite. DEEP OSCILLATION® can improve microcirculation, reduce oedema and lymphostasis, curb inflammation, reduce cracks and dents in the skin’s appearance and lower oestrogen sensitivity.

Cellulite TO

Deep oscillation reduces the volume of tear sacs and improves various parameters in discoloured areas around the eyes.




The physiological effectiveness of deep oscillation is sufficiently documented by numerous experimental and clinical studies. All studies, books, guidelines and other publications on deep oscillation can be found here.

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